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Speaking & Workshops

I'm Ive Velikova (M.Sc.Com.), a Science Educator, Climate Storyteller, and Digital Media Producer committed to equitable, inclusive science education.

I've been hosting fun science and climate workshops for 10 years with youth, students, and adults. 


Equipped with a Master's Degree in Science Communication, I strategically unpack climate research, build science literacy, and mobilize communities to take action on climate change and better understand the world around them. 


Past workshops include Let's Talk Science, Science Odyssey, Efficiency Canada, and more. Check 'em out and book one for your organization! 

Climate Workshops


Tackling Climate Misinformation

Do you find yourself staring at your phone, frustrated at the misinformation you see on social media? Or maybe your friend shared misinformation last week over brunch.

Do you In this workshop, Ive shares how to compassionately combat misinformation by appealing to shared values.

Past Talks

  • Let's Talk Science

Climate Optimism.jpeg

Climate Optimism

"Climate optimism is a framework for unlocking the full potentiality of climate solutions that we desperately need.”

– Climate Activist Zahra Biabani

Many of us feel the climate emergency's impacts in our everyday lives. The only way out is optimism. Learn how to harness kindness, empathy, and hope to build a better future for our planet.

Past Talks

  • Canadian Association of Science Centres Annual Conference


Engaging with Climate Deniers

Whether climate justice is your business, career, or personal mission, you may have encountered adamant climate change deniers.


This workshop explores effective strategies to discuss climate justice – even with climate deniers!

Past Talks

  • Efficiency Canada

Share Your Science Story

Ive Birding.jpeg

Nature Storytelling

The mainstream outdoors industry tends to be a space dominated by cisgender men. If we hope to broaden the variety of people participating in these nature-based activities, we must welcome and affirm folks of all genders.


Using her years of birding experience and on-the-ground storytelling, Ive offers opportunities for reflection to shape your story in the outdoors.

Ive Velikova Headshot 3.png

Telling Science Stories That Stick

Storytelling is a great tool to explain  complex topics and make it understandable and accessible to everyone.

Learn principles of storytelling, how to "hook in" your audience, and more in this workshop!

Past workshops:

  • Science Odyssey

  • Ontario Science Centre


Perfecting Presentations

Ive is a frequently requested guest speaker who loves engaging folks with science anywhere & everywhere. She has share science at street festivals, drag shows, and in the California desert. Using evidence-based best practices, this workshop will turn your research into a captivating presentation!


Great for 3-Minute Thesis, poster sessions, and more!

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