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Sometimes, science sucks. Let's talk about it!

Science is awesome. It’s fascinating, it sparks curiosity, and it’s the reason most of us are alive today. But sometimes, it sucks—from applying for funding to spending hours in the lab to lack of representation in many science fields.


Each week, science communicator Ive Velikova welcomes a guest to chat about the ins and outs of scientific research and how it impacts our lives.

Adam Fortais Headshot.png

What rubber bands can tell us about DNA

Adam Fortais


Improving lives through speech and language therapy

Dr. Roxanne Belanger


From Astrophysicist to a Dream SciComm Job

Dr. Parshati Patel

Kyelle Byne Headshot.png

Why do we love science podcasts?

Kyelle Byne

Berly McCoy Headshot.png

Tips from an Award-Winning Science Writer

Dr. Kimberly McCoy


Why is LGBT STEM Day important?

Featuring 6 special guests!

Eva Bloom Headshot.jpeg

Let's Talk About Sex

Eva Bloom

Ashley Stenzel Headshot.png

Teen Mom to Cancer Epidemiologist

Ashley Stenzel


Canada and the Future of Space Travel

Dr. Sara Mazrouei

Charly Evon Simpson Headshot.jpeg

Gynaecology's Dark History

Charly Evon Simpson

Shweta Headshot.jpeg

How To Support Women in Science

Shweta Mahajan

Rob Ulrich Headshot.jpeg

How do marine organisms build their shells?

Robert Ulrich

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 1.33.19 PM.png

Birds are Definitely Glamorous Dinosaurs

Dr. Lisa Buckley

Claudia Antolini Headshot.png

This Physicist is Taking the World by Storm

Dr. Claudia Antolini

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 5.56.59 PM.png

A Beginner's Guide to Science Illustration

Dr. Gaius J. Augustus

Vote Science Sucks (1).jpg

A Scientist's Federal Election Guide

Evidence for Democracy, TSPN, and SPE)

Talia Lowi-Merri Headshot.jpeg

How did birds evolve from dinosaurs?

Talia Lowi-Merri


How To Use Social Media Like a Scientist

Lina Duque, MBA


Chasing Non-Science Passions

Krishana Sankar


Earth Day Special Extravaganza

Anita Luu, Ellen Gute, Emily Wissel, and Dr. Richelle Tanner

Sophie Okolo Headshot.png

How to Get Into Science Writing

Sophie Okolo

Reeda Mahmood Headshot.jpeg

Chemistry Hater to Chemistry Grad Student

Reeda Mahmood

Shawn Hercules Headshot.jpeg

Breast Cancer in Black Women

(w/ Shawn Hercules)

Maya DeGrood Headshot.jpeg

Enzymes Can (probably) Save the World

Maya DeGrood

Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 8.27.16 PM.png

French Canadians "can't speak" and other myths

Dr. Michèle Minor-Corriveau

Juita Martinez Headshot.jpeg

Stuck in the Gulf of Mexico, and other fieldwork mishaps

Juita Martinez

Kelsey Doerkson Headshot.png

How To Make $$$ in Grad School

Kelsey Doerkson

Jalina Headshot.png

How to Quit Your PhD and Dive into Teaching

Jalina Bielaska Da Silva


Road Trip to the first-ever ComSciConCan

Featuring 8 special guests!

Natalie Westwood Headshot.jpeg

Coming Out

Natalie Westwood

Vanessa Sung Headshot.png

Science Meets Policy

Dr. Vanessa Sung

Keeley Aird Headshot.jpeg

Science for kids,
by kids

Keeley Aird

Ashley Gary Headshot.jpeg

Get Outside!

Ashley Gary

Bianca Nogrady Headshot.jpeg

Your Guide to Science Journalism

Bianca Nogrady

Ana Sofia Barrows Headshot.jpeg

How to Make Science More Inclusive

Ana Sofia Barrows

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