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Welcome to Science with Ive Consulting!

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Meet Ive Velikova

I'm Ive Velikova, M.Sc.Com., a Science Educator, Climate Storyteller, and Digital Media Producer committed to equitable, inclusive science education. With over 10 years of experience hosting engaging science and climate workshops for youth, students, and adults, I've honed my skills in unpacking climate research, building science literacy, and mobilizing communities to take action on climate change.

My Approach


With a blend of empathetic storytelling and strategic science communication, I can help you effectively communicate climate science, combat misinformation, and engage audiences in meaningful ways.


Whether you're looking to produce engaging visual narratives, coordinate collaborative storytelling projects, or explore interdisciplinary approaches to science communication, we've got you covered.


Ive specializes in fostering meaningful collaborations that bridge the gap between science and the arts, ensuring that your message resonates with audiences across various platforms.


Let me help you build compelling stories that inspire action and drive positive change in your community and beyond.

Let's Connect!

Ready to elevate your climate communication efforts? Reach out to discuss how we can collaborate to share climate insights with the world!

Tailored Workshops & Training

  • Science Communication Workshops: Customized sessions on climate storytelling, combating misinformation, and effective science communication strategies.

  • Digital Storytelling Training: Hands-on guidance in digital storytelling and social media best practices tailored for climate communicators.

  • Climate Communication Research:  Insights from research and audience analysis to inform effective climate communication strategies.

Creative Collaboration for Impact

  • Innovative Communication Projects: Collaborate with a network of science storytellers, designers, and artists to enhance climate communication efforts.

  • Visual Storytelling Projects: Providing direction and feedback to artists for visually compelling and accurate narratives on climate research and solutions.

Strategic Planning for Success

  • Custom Communication Plans: Evidence-based strategic plans for digital communication and social media, tailored to your climate organization or project.

  • Content Creation Guidance: Support in executing communication plans and creating starter content to effectively engage your audience.


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