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Earth Oasis

Your cozy escape from climate doom.

We’re two passionate science communicators launching a brand new podcast exploring climate optimism!

Ive Velikova (she/her) is a science educator who uses enthusiastic storytelling to build trust in science. Her Canada-wide climate optimism workshops build trust in science and mobilize communities to take action on climate change.​

Thanesh (she/her) is a Southeast Asian public health PhD candidate at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. There, she produces health-related work regarding research, policy plans and actions. 

About the Show
We’re a cozy, comforting podcast addressing the daunting climate crisis. We offer a space for those deeply concerned about the environment to share insights and explore solutions. Our mission is to transform anger and despair into motivation and action. Tune in for powerful stories intertwined with concrete actions you can take to build a more livable world. 

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