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Workshops & Speaking

I'm Ive Velikova (M.Sc.Com.), a queer Science Communicator, Climate Storyteller, and Digital Media Producer. committed to equitable, inclusive, science education.

I've been running fun + welcoming science & climate workshops for 5 years with youth, students, and adults. 


Equipped with a Masters Degree in Science Communication, she strategically communicates climate research to mobilize communities to take action on climate change and better understand science knowledge. 

signature workshops

Engaging with Climate Deniers

Whether climate justice is your business, career, or personal mission, you may have encountered adamant climate change deniers in some of your conversations.


There are many ways to discuss climate justice, and so this workshop will explore some techniques – even with climate deniers!

Science Storytelling

Storytelling is a great tool to explain  complex topics and make it understandable and accessible to everyone.

Learn principles of storytelling, how to "hook in" your audience, and more in this workshop!

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Video Production & Hosting


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